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Gym Equipment – How to Maintain Your Gym

If you’re building a workout space, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on a commercial scale, or simply a home gym you’re setting up in your garage, you need to make sure you equip the gym with the best pieces of equipment you can find. For many, a gym isn’t just a place to go work up a sweat, a gym is an escape for the stresses of modern living. One of the best things about gyms is the fact that there is something for everybody. If you’re looking to burn fat and improve your cardio, there are sophisticated cardio machines designed to help you do that. If you want to build muscle and increase your strength, gym equipment consisting of resistance machines and free weights will prove extremely beneficial. No matter what your goals may be, there’s almost certainly gym equipment out there that will help you do precisely what you need. If you’re looking to kit out your gym, here’s a look at 6 essential pieces of gym equipment that all gyms need.


Kettlebells – Even though kettlebells have been used for fitness purposes for many decades now, kettlebells are still often overlooked in favour of regular dumbbells. The difference between kettlebells and dumbbells, however, is like chalk and cheese. Kettlebells are designed very differently to dumbbells. They are basically solid balls of iron with a handle on the top. Because of their design, they activate different muscle groups in the body – particularly your core stabilizer muscles. Kettlebells can be used individually, or they can be used in pairs. You can perform a whole range of different kettlebell exercises, although the kettlebell swing is certainly one of the most popular, and for good reason.


Adjustable training bench – Any gym, no matter how big or small it may be, must have an adjustable training bench. Good quality adjustable training benches are critical when it comes to getting in a productive free weight resistance based workout. Adjustable training benches are great because you can adjust the angle of the bench to perform a wide range of different exercises, both free weight based and bodyweight based. In terms of gym equipment, an adjustable training bench is a very wise purchase. Ideally you should look for a bench that can be adjusted to a flat, incline, upright, and decline position. This gives you a wider range of choice when deciding on which exercises to perform.


Treadmills – It’s all well and good focussing on gym equipment designed primarily for strength and muscle growth, but what about cardio? Well, that’s where treadmills come into play. Most treadmills nowadays are motorized and can be altered to different gradients, as well as set to different speeds. Lately, curved treadmills have been prioritised in commercial gyms thanks to their unique designs and sophisticated range of features. Treadmills can be used manually, or users can benefit from using some of the pre-installed programs on the machine, which are designed to achieve different goals. Some of the programs found on treadmills are designed to help people burn fat, whereas others are there to improve fitness and stamina. Whether you’re training for a sport, getting ready for a marathon, or simply looking to burn fat and get in shape for the summer, a treadmill is one of the most beneficial pieces of gym equipment that you could ever wish for.


Rowing machines – Rowing machines are another example of how one single piece of gym equipment can serve multiple purposes. Rowing machines are often found in the cardio sections of commercial gyms, yet they also offer certain resistance-based benefits as well. Rowing machines come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, yet it is the Concept 2 rowing machine that many people consider to be amongst the best of the best. This rowing machine is a best-seller and has won multiple awards. Rowing machines are ideal for those of you looking for an all-in-one full-body workout. They work the entire body in a singular fluid motion helping to burn calories, increase endurance, generate explosive power, and even work the muscles in the back in the process. Air rowing machines are perfect as they can be altered and adjusted accordingly, so users can select varying levels of difficulty by simply moving a handle. If you’re looking to burn calories and work on your endurance in the process, rowing machines tick all of the right boxes, and then some.


Stationary bikes – If you’re looking for a cardiovascular machine that provides an alternative to the treadmill, a stationary bike is ideal. Stationary bikes are, as the name implies, specially constructed pieces of cardio equipment that emulate the cycling action you’d expect to find on a bicycle, without actually moving. Stationary bikes, like treadmills, can be used manually or users can select a wide range of pre-installed fitness programs offering varying levels of difficulty. Stationary bikes are a great alternative to treadmills for people struggling with joint issues. Stationary bikes are great because they are an incredibly low-impact form of cardio that help to get the heart rate elevated and the calories burnt off, without any unnecessary pressure being placed on the joints like you’d experience with running on a hard surface.


Olympic weight sets – No article looking at essential pieces of gym equipment would be complete without an Olympic weight set. Olympic weight sets consist of a barbell, collars, and a series of weight plates which are typically made from solid iron. The plates found in Olympic weights sets will vary, depending on which set you opt for. Usually you will find weight plates in the following weights: 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg. The exact amount of plates your set consists of will depend on which set you opt for. These weight sets are great because you can perform a wide range of free weight barbell exercises to target different muscle groups whilst burning fat and increasing your strength and your power at the same time.