Benefits of high repetition sets when working out

When you are working out, many people try to do as much as they can in terms of variety. Exercise variety makes sense, as you will work out various parts of the body. However, one issue that you might have with going for an exercise that includes high variety but low repetition is a lack of results. If you want to start seeing higher performance and better results, you should try out going for a high repetition set instead.

What, though, are the major benefits of going for high repetition sets when working out?

You can do more with less

Some people think that going on the rampage and doing numerous low-rep sets of high weights is the way to go. In reality, this is often nowhere near as good for you as might have first presumed. You would actually benefit more from doing a large set of reps (anything from 25-100 depending on your form) using a much lower weight.

If you want to start seeing better results, you should try and do higher reps with smaller weights.

You’ll avoid serious injury

When you go for those low-rep, high-weight sets, you can find that a little twist or tug in the wrong way can be extremely painful. A heavy weight could really leave you with lasting and long-term injuries: if you were to work out with high reps on lower weights, though, such a problem is not so likely to present itself to you.

Therefore, you should probably look to do all of your workouts at a higher rep rate but lower weight. Why? Because it allows you with a margin for error that isn’t going to be fatal if done wrong.

You can get more done with all parts of the body

When you think of a workout, we often think about our top half of the body: but high rep exercises make a lot of sense for the lower body, too. they are very useful for making sure that you can use the capacity of your legs to maximum, allowing for much better performance.

It’s still something being researched in full, but the lower part of the body seems to be respond better to higher rep training – even if it means doing a lower workout in terms of the strength threshold.

You can get rid of more fat and build more muscle

The body is much more likely to be able to slice off some of that excess fat and turn it to muscle faster this way. That’s an important thing to remember, as many people will go for a workout and try to do as few reps as they can, thinking lifting the heavier stuff leads to more muscle build-up.

However, it’s the exercise and the motion itself that helps to build muscle and kill off fat. So, keep that in mind: you don’t need to be lifting massive weights to lose weight. Instead, you can turn that fat into muscle simply by doing more of a lesser exercise.