Exercises for stronger legs

When you go to the gym, it’s very easy to point out the people who happen to be skipping out on leg day. You see these buff, powerful torsos and just need to laugh at the shape of the person. It’s not something that you necessarily want to do, but it’s so easily done. They have these small little legs trying to carry a massive body: it always looks ridiculous, and it’s easy to see why.

If you want to avoid that problem, then you might want to consider going for some of the exercises which are made for stronger legs. Here are some useful exercises that you should definitely add to your workout list.

Deep Side Lunges

A very popular choice for a lot of people is to start with some deep side lunges. This is a very good exercise, and if you do it then you will get the maximum. Simply stand with your legs wider than your hip width, and then lean forward on your left leg, bending down as far as you can. eventually, the back of your leg should be hitting your calf – but this might take some time.

Then, stand back up and go to the starting position, doing this with your right leg this time.

Jump Squats

Lastly, we recommend that you try and incorporate some jump squats into your workout regime. They are great, and only need you to jump to your highest height, dropping your hips back whilst pushing the knees out. Then, jump in this motion and go as high as you can. your legs will really feel the burn, and at first it’ll be tough: keep doing it, though, as the rewards are very much worthwhile!

Long Jumps

A popular form of exercise to help build up proper leg strength is to go for a long jump. These are very easy to do – simply squat down to 90-degrees, and launch yourself forward as far as you can. Keep doing it, and over time you should begin to see a massive improvement in the distance that you can go.

Just be sure to do it on a safe surface: if you fall, you’ll regret doing it on concrete!

Pistol Squats

Very popular but also very tough to do, the pistol squat is a fine choice of move for many reasons. So long as you have some form of elevation, you can do this. It’s tough, but will improve balance, leg strength and flexibility all at once. Start off by kicking your leg out to a 90-degree angle, and then begin to sit down as low as your body will take you.

Once ‘seated’, drive yourself forward using the leg that is on the ground. It’ll be tough, and it will push your body to the limit, but it’s very much worth trying out.

If you give all of these exercises a chance, you might just shock yourself with the quality of the workout that you receive. So, be sure to give it a go: the sheer scale and quality of your results will be very impressive indeed.