Gym Exercises and Tips for Big Arms

With spring now officially upon us, it will soon be time to ditch the hoodie and break out the t-shirts, and maybe even the tank top if we enjoy a summer like 2018. As the weather gets warmer, our clothing gets smaller and more revealing, which is where it’s great to be in shape. Being in shape means that you won’t think twice about stripping off at the drop of a hat.

Guys that are big and jacked with six pack abs will strip off at the first sign of sunshine, but what about if there are parts of your physique you aren’t happy with? If you ask somebody to flex their muscles, 99.9% of the time they’ll hit you with a bicep flex. Having a set of big guns is great, but if your arms resemble 2 strings of limp spaghetti, it’s time to hit the gym and do something about it. Here are some gym exercises and tips for building big arms.

Eat more

Guys tend to panic when summer approaches, because they want to look ripped when the weather is hot enough for them to strip off. If you’re looking to build up your arms, or any other muscle group for that matter, you need to make sure that you are eating more. You can’t build muscle in a calorie deficit, nor can you build muscle if you eat for maintenance. To build muscle, you need to create a caloric surplus. Don’t just eat junk to bump your calories up, instead, look to create a slight surplus of around 200 – 300 calories, by eating clean and healthy foods.

Isolate your arms

Some bodybuilders don’t even train their arms if you can believe that, as they instead feel that their arms get enough work when they train back. You aren’t a pro bodybuilder however, and you know that your arms are too small. Rather than just throwing in a couple of bicep exercises and a triceps exercise at the end of your workout, give yourself an entire workout dedicated purely to arm isolation. If you isolate your arms and increase your arm training volume, your arms will almost certainly grow.

Do plenty of triceps work

When people think of arm training, they instantly think of biceps exercises. While biceps exercises are indeed very important for arm development, you must ensure you don’t neglect your triceps. If you want big arms that fill out your t-shirt sleeves, it’s actually the triceps that are responsible for giving your arms their size and development. The triceps muscle has three heads and is much larger than the bicep, which only has 2. The key to huge arms is plenty of triceps work. Triceps rope pushdowns, overhead extensions, close-grip bench presses, triceps dips, skull-crushers, and triceps kickbacks are just some of the great exercises you can do to build up your triceps.

Vary your training

When training the arms, it’s always best to shock them as much as possible in training. Don’t do the same routine every week, as your body will quickly adapt. Perform different variants of biceps curls, do different triceps exercises, use different weights, increase the volume, alternate between light and heavy days, do drop sets, do giant sets, do super sets, just do everything you can to keep your body guessing when it’s arm day in the gym. And don’t forget that post-workout protein shake after you finish your workout.