If you’re interested in building up your body, or just getting fitter and healthier, you’ll no doubt be familiar with cable machines. Cable machines in the gym are ideal for working virtually every major muscle group because of the fact that they can be adjusted. A cable crossover machine for example, allows users to set the pulley at a high, medium, or low angle so as to work different parts of the anatomy by performing different exercises. In order to perform the various exercises however, you need to use different cable attachments. But which are the best attachments? Well, that’s what we’re going to be looking at today. Here’s a look at 4 of the best cable attachments currently on the market today.

  Seated row handle –
First up we have the seated row handle. Sometimes known as a D-bar, or even a V-bar, the seated row handle is one of the most versatile handles currently available. As you can probably guess, the seated row handle was designed specifically with seated rows in mind, but does that mean that that’s the only exercise you can do with it? Of course not, you can use this handle to perform close-grip pull-downs on a high pulley machine, seated rows, and plenty more exercises for developing a strong and powerful back and core. Typically made from chrome with rubber handles for added grip security, the seated row handle is very useful for people looking to mix up their training.  

Straight bar –
Sometimes simplicity is key when training, and this has never been more evident than with the straight bar. Straight bars are extremely popular in home and commercial gyms alike, and they can be used to perform numerous exercises. If you attach it to a high pulley you can perform straight bar triceps push downs, or standing straight bar pulldowns for the back. Attached to a low pulley you can perform standing biceps curls, upright rows, seated rows, and plenty more besides.  

Double triceps rope –
As you can probably guess by the name, the double triceps rope is designed to work the triceps, though it too can be used in many other different ways as well. Attached to a high pulley you can perform triceps rope pushdowns or pullovers and face pulls. To a low pulley you can use the rope to work the biceps in a slightly different way to regular curls. You can work your back, perform upright rows and many more exercises, depending on how creative you get.  

Single triceps rope –
The single triceps rope is just like the double triceps rope, expect for the fact that it only has the one handle instead of two. You can use this rope to perform concentration curls, to perform single arm triceps pushdowns, lateral raises, and heaps more.