Boxing is very much a gentleman’s sport, and is one of the most rewarding, yet physically demanding, disciplines on the planet. Boxing is incredibly beneficial as it enables you to not only learn a sport, but to also burn fat, tone your muscles, improve your flexibility and coordination, and get extremely fit in the process. If you’re thinking of learning boxing and are starting out as a beginner, it’s important that you know which pieces of boxing equipment you should purchase first to get yourself off the mark. To help your transition into the boxing ring run that little bit smoother, here’s a look at 4 essential pieces of boxing equipment for beginners.

Boxing gloves – Yes, shocking we know, but apparently a set of boxing gloves are indeed useful for people looking to get into boxing. Who knew? When you purchase your first set of boxing gloves, ideally you want a good quality set of gloves that are going to last. These Adidas boxing gloves for example, are ideal. When purchasing boxing gloves, it’s important that you get boxing training gloves, as opposed to bag gloves. As the name implies, bag gloves are designed for punching the bag. Boxing training gloves can be used on the heavy bag, the pads, and even for sparring with a partner or trainer.


Headguard – As you know, boxing is a very physical sport, and with these types of sporting disciplines, you can’t afford to take any chances. This is where the importance of a headguard really becomes apparent. As a beginner, you probably won’t take part in any gruelling sparring sessions, but it always pays to be prepared. A headguard is a padded piece of kit worn on the head, that is designed to protect you from sustaining heavy blows. It’s basically the equivalent of a cycling helmet, except you wear it for boxing.


Boxing Mitts – Next up we have boxing mitts. These pieces of boxing equipment are perfect for working on your accuracy, your speed, and your power when boxing. Mitts come in a variety of different sizes and weights, and are ideal for practising boxing drills, or simply working on your hand-eye coordination. Basically, your trainer or partner will wear the mitts and you will punch them and go through various drills and combos.


Kick/punch bag – Finally, the last piece of essential boxing equipment for beginners that we’re going to be looking at today is a kick/punch bag. As you probably know, the purpose of a kick/punch bag is to be well, kicked and punched. For boxing, the bag itself is very useful as you can practise your jabs, punches, hooks, uppercuts, and footwork. They’re also great for when you don’t have the luxury of a sparring partner or trainer but still want to put in the work. All you will need is your boxing gloves and a bag and you can get yourself one heck of a workout in.