Okay, so the time has come for you to take the plunge and commit to an effective weight training routine. You’ve had your fun with the standard vinyl spin-lock Made in China weight sets and you’re now ready to invest in quality Olympic plates, dumbbells, and bars, to take your training and your physique to the next level.

If you are serious about buying an Olympic weight set however, you will need to ensure that you invest in a quality weight bench to use with your weights. Buying a weight bench isn’t as easy as you may have thought. There are many inferior products out there which are not only ineffective, but also dangerous as well. To help you find the best weight benches possible, here’s a look at the ultimate weight bench buying guide.


First and foremost, when buying a bench, you need to consider adjustability. Weight benches can be adjusted in a variety of different ways, though typically they will be flat, incline, and upright at varying degrees. If you’re looking for an all-purpose weight bench to perform multiple exercises, you’ll want a fully adjustable bench. You may even wish to opt for a bench that can also be adjusted into a decline position. Decline bench presses are great for targeting the lower pectoral muscles, which people often neglect. If you only intend on using the bench for one exercise, I.E flat bench presses, then a basic flat bench is all that is needed.


Max user-weight

When buying a weight bench, it’s important to go with a bench that is of the best quality that you can afford. Cheap and inferior weight benches will be poorly made and will be made from inferior materials that can’t take much weight. You need a weight bench that can withstand a lot of weight. Remember, it isn’t just your weight that the bench will be taking, but also the weight of the dumbbells, barbells, or weights that you’re using while working out. If the bench can’t withstand very much weight, it’s best to go with a bench that can.



While we’re talking about design and max user weight, we’ll now talk about quality. As mentioned, you can purchase weight benches for not very much money at all. These benches however, will be extremely light in weight, they’ll be poorly constructed, and they won’t be safe. The last thing you want is to be lifting a set of heavy dumbbells above your head, only to have them come crashing down onto you because the bench collapsed because it sucked! Go with reputable brands and manufacturers and read reviews. Another useful way of gauging the quality of a bench is to see how heavy it is. If it’s heavy, it’s likely well constructed.


Upholstery and design

As you’re buying a weight bench for you, it’s important that you actually like the design of the bench. Look at the upholstery and design and see if it fits with the décor of your gym. If not, see if there are other colour options.