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If you’re building a gym, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on a commercial scale, or simply in your spare bedroom or garage, one of the most important things to consider is the flooring. Gym flooring is an integral part of any workout area, yet some gym owners are guilty of cutting corners here, and not in the literal sense when laying the flooring.

Gym flooring is inexpensive, its practical, it can be aesthetically pleasing, and above all else, it improves safety and your workout experience. If you’re building a gym, be sure to factor gym flooring into your budget because it will certainly prove beneficial later down the line. Here are 4 benefits of rubber gym flooring.


It promotes safety

First and foremost, we’re going to begin by talking to you about safety. When working out, no matter how experienced you are, or how careful you think you’re being, you should always make sure you’re as safe as possible. Rubber gym flooring is very beneficial in this instance. Rubber gym flooring is designed to be grippy and to promote stability, even when wet. This is extremely important for people working out because it ensures that they don’t slip over, especially when carrying heavy metal weights around with them. Not only that, it helps to keep you stable when you exercise so you’ll be less likely to lose your balance and potentially suffer a torn muscle or other common lifting accident.


Easy to clean

While some gym owners tend to put carpet down in their gyms, we strongly recommend rubber gym flooring instead. One great benefit of rubber gym flooring is the fact that it’s so easy to clean. Carpet can absorb dirt, debris, sweat, and other detritus which can become engrained into the fabric. No amount of vacuum cleaning will get a carpet 100% clean, and you can’t mop it either. Rubber gym flooring however can easily be vacuumed, and afterwards it can be mopped in a matter of seconds. This is great for mopping up sweat and other spillages that could potentially pose health risks.


Reduces noise

This is another benefit of rubber gym flooring that many people overlook. Gyms can be very noisy, especially with music blaring, people shouting and grunting, as well as people slamming, clanging, and banging weights down and various other pieces of kit. Rubber gym flooring laid throughout your gym will help to significantly reduce noise and keep it that little bit quieter.


Protects your equipment

Finally, the last key benefit of rubber gym flooring is the fact that it will help to protect your equipment. Some lifters that train heavy are forced to drop weights down onto the floor, rather than place them, while others slam them down because they’re a little over-zealous. Slamming solid iron plates onto a solid floor will cause damage, both to the plates and to the floor. Rubber gym flooring protects the floor, and protects the plates, making it a win-win purchase.