If you’re into your health and fitness, you may have heard about suspension training? If you haven’t chances are that you’ll have seen clips of it on the internet, especially Instagram. When it comes to suspension training, TRX suspension training is the Big Daddy of them all.

Suspension training may sound like something that would seem more at home in a circus than a gym, but it’s actually one of the most physically demanding forms of exercise in existence. So gruelling in fact, that Special Forces teams all over the globe often incorporate suspension training into their training routines. This is hardly surprising as TRX suspension training was created by a former US Navy Seal. Suspension training basically requires you to use your bodyweight for resistance when performing a wide range of different exercises. Oh, and you also happen to be attached to an adjustable band at the feet, hands, or both. Here’s a look at some of the key benefits of suspension training.

Great for all levels

One thing that people find especially appealing about suspension training, is the fact that it is great for people of all abilities and levels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a super-fit former Navy Seal, or a complete newbie when it comes to physical exercise and exertion, suspension training is ideal because it is so adaptable. There are plenty of fairly easy exercises to perform, and there are plenty of physically demanding exercises as well. What’s more, by simply adjusting your body shape and position, you can increase or reduce the resistance to make the exercise easier or harder.

Very versatile

It’s hard to believe, but with just a couple of adjustable bands you can work your entire body in a whole host of different ways. TRX suspension systems can be set up virtually anywhere. You can use the bands to work your legs, your core, your upper body, your strength, your fitness and endurance levels, your balance, and much more.


When you have access to a gym at all times, getting in a workout is not as difficult as when you’re on the road or away. With suspension training systems however, you can basically have access to a portable gym wherever you go. This means that no matter where you are, providing you have somewhere suitable to attach the straps/bands to, you can get yourself a fantastic workout in without feeling guilty about missing the gym.

Great for the core

We’ve mentioned how suspension training works the core a few times already, but because it is such an important benefit, we’re going to go into more detail about it right now. A strong core is essential for a strong body. Your core is where the majority of your power is generated. If you can build a strong core, all other lifts and aspects of your fitness will improve drastically. Suspension training, because of the basic body mechanics of the exercises performed, is one of the best forms of exercise for the core that you could wish for.