The Best Portable Gym Equipment

What if instead of paying for a monthly gym subscription you could take the gym with you? With the following 9 pieces of gym equipment, you can get a workout in anywhere at any time. You don’t need fancy gym equipment or a large selection of weights as there’s a lot you can do with minimal tools and your own bodyweight.

1. Massage Ball

A massage ball trumps a foam roller due to the fact that it’s not only smaller, but can get into all the little knots and niggles that are otherwise missed. Massage balls are relatively cheap and allow for you to get in really deep, perfect for recovering from a hard workout on the move.

2. Jump Ropes

One of the best ways to blast fat from your body is by jumping rope as it burns more than 10 calories a minute. Not to mention, it’s a great way to improve your balance and co-ordination at the same time that you improve your power and explosiveness in your lower body. Just 20 minutes of jump rope will burn more than 200 calories and you can separate these blocks out over the day.

3. Sliders

Sliders are a recent invention that’s come to the forefront due to their ability to strengthen the core, shoulders, arms, chest, and legs. Sliders essentially make the plank a more adaptable movement to make it harder or easier by extending or contracting your muscles. You can also use them for climbers and push-ups to add an extra level of instability.

4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands come in a variety of strength levels which make them perfect for a wide range of different exercises. The majority of their benefit comes from their use in warm-ups and mobility, but you can also strap them around your body and equipment to get in an extra level of resistance to your training.

5. Adjustable Grip Trainer

Did you know that the strength of your grip is an indicator of your longevity? Older people often get their grip tested to see how healthy they are. If you’re skimping on grip training, then you’re missing out a vital component of training that can help you with a variety of movements as well as your overall health. Adjustable grip trainers are best as you can change them for strength-orientated reps and hypertrophy work. The best part is that you can do them at any time; watching the television, walking the dog, cooking. Keeping a grip trainer around means that you can just pick it up and get some extra reps in wherever you want.

6. Ab Wheel

There’s little better for developing a strong and stable core than the ab wheel. This piece of equipment is not only effective, but also extremely inexpensive and easy to carry around with you. Ab wheels help to develop stability and balance whilst challenging your abs through their entire range of motion.

7. Yoga Mat

Unfortunately, not everyone has a nice surface to work out on, so by keeping a yoga mat handy, you can make sure that your hands, feet, and back don’t take an unnecessary toll.

8. Doorway Chin Up Bar

These chin-up bars work on tension and are easy to dissemble when necessary. They don’t require any screws, nuts or bolts to keep them in place so you can simply whip it out and put it away as and when necessary. As the chin-up is often touted as the best exercise for building a big back and biceps, you’ll definitely want to keep one of these handy.