Why lifting heavy isn’t always the best option

When it comes to working on our physical strength and prowess, it’s common for people to want to go for bulk. The logic, after all, does make some sense. If you wish to build up muscle and get physically strong, then you should probably be looking to do some heavy lifting. In fact, you should be looking to do some consistent heavy lifting: the heavier, the better. This conventional wisdom, though, might not be the eureka moment that so many people consider.

So, why is lifting heavy not always the best option for you?

You risk an increase in injuries

Just like going above your limit for anything is dangerous, many people risk injury by exceeding weight limits. It’s common, and it’s not something that you should necessarily be embarrassed by. If you are going to make the most of your physical prowess, though, lifting excessively heavy items is putting needless strain on each and every muscle.

When you do that, you significantly increase the likelihood of an injury striking. Trying to lift more than you are ready for is a one-way ticket to long-term injuries like ligament damage or herniated discs.

Your form will fail

One of the most important parts of doing exercise and strength training is doing it right. Many people make the mistake of trying to lift too much, but this is very likely to harm your balance and form. Believe us when we say that this will minimize the impact of the workout, and maximize the risk of injury.

If you are going to be working out, make sure that you can do the exercise without excessive struggle. If you find it impossible to maintain the correct lifting position, then you are lifting too much at present.

Your muscles won’t grow

Aside from putting too much risk on injury and poor form, you will also suffer from a lack of muscle growth at this stage. That’s as big a worry as anything else – and is a sure-fire way to really damage the growth and quality of your workout progress.

If you are going to be lifting too much, you are going to inhibit the growth process. Your muscles need to be gradually built-up and grown over time. If you just put too much pressure on that muscle, then they won’t be able to grow as the pressure is too much. Instead, increase your weights in smaller increments.

You’ll leave yourself with lasting damage

Another major issue that you will suffer from is that you can leave yourself with chronic, lasting injuries. Your back, for example, will be doing a lot of work when you are doing heavy lifting. If you were to put too much pressure on your back, you could find that you could rupture something long-term.

A chronic injury is going to make all of your exercises harder, not just heavy lifting. The key to success and improvement isn’t excessive weight, but accurate in form. If you want to make your workouts pay off in the long-term, keep that small but vitally important fact in mind.